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Dr. Joseph Graffeo

Dr. Graffeo decided to become a doctor at a young age, and has been helping people heal since 1979.  He has a special interest and extensive training in nutrition and endocrinology (the study of how hormones affect your health).

While Dr. Graffeo helps all his patients feel better through Chiropractic treatment, he tries to help all his patients learn how to take responsibility for their own health.   

Dr. Graffeo's passions outside of the office include taking long walks, playing the guitar and listening to jazz music.

Dr. Terry Petty

Dr. Petty comes to us from Ashland, Oregon, where he managed his own practice for many years.  His particular area of interest is in the role emotions play on an individual's posture and health.

Dr. Petty finds spending time outdoors to be an excellent way to stay fit! Not only does he hike and bike, but he climbed to the summit of Mt. Shasta in 2003. His musical passions include classical and jazz guitar.

Dr. Kelley Silon

Dr. Silon is originally from Vermont, and loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (and the Red Sox!).  She is interested in integrating the many facets of natural health into treatment plans that enhance our patients’ overall well-being.

Dr. Silon enjoys reading and outdoor activities, including skiing and hiking. Traveling is one of her special interests, and she hopes one day to travel around the world.

Joe Graffeo, Jr.

Joe, who is the son of Dr. Graffeo and Dr. Smith, is working at ParkView while attending pre-chiropractic classes.  He manages our reception area and assists our doctors with therapy and x-rays. 

In his spare time, Joe participates in all sorts of outdoor activities and enjoys tap dancing.

Tiffani Saepharn

Tiffani has been with ParkView since 2003. She is the smiling face that greets all of our patients in the reception area every morning. She is a pro at scheduling appointments and answering questions for all of our patients. Tiffani also translates for our Mien-speaking patients and has recently completed her training to become an X-Ray Technician.

When she has a little time, Tiffani loves to go fishing or work out in the gym.  She also likes to garden, and makes superb oriental dishes with her homegrown vegetables.

JoAnne Holcomb

JoAnne has worked at ParkView Chiropractic Center since 1994. She has had many roles over the years, and currently works with Dr. Graffeo on reports and letters.  She also helps with reception duties.

JoAnne’s outside interests include playing with her dogs and enjoying outdoor activities with her family.

Lyudmila Kozhevnikova

Lyudmila joined the clinic as our Russian Translator in 2001. She is our head therapist, assisting our doctors with patient therapy.  She has just completed her training to become an X-Ray Technician.  She also works with the Russian community, and presents our free seminar "It's Your Future...Be There Healthy!" to our Russian- speaking patients and the general public.

Lyudmila enjoys spending her time with friends and learning more about natural health.  She is also an excellent cook and makes wonderful Russian dishes.

Kristina Motresku

Kristina speaks several languages, including Russian and Romanian (and she’s learning Spanish!), and helps our patients in Reception.  She assists in Therapy and works with the Russian community.

In her spare time, Kristina enjoys volleyball, ping-pong, and running.  She sings in her church choir and prepares elaborate Russian meals.

Maria Montes

Maria interprets for our Spanish-speaking patients and helps our doctors with patient therapy. She has also recently completed her training to become an X-Ray Technician.  Maria works with the Hispanic community to help raise awareness of the importance of chiropractic care and natural health.

Maria likes to take her children to the park, or walking along the Columbia River in the summertime.  She also enjoys cooking authentic Mexican dishes for her family.

Jill Calcagno

Jill assists our Reception team and is glad to be working with our professional team to help people feel better.  She very excited to be learning more about natural health and chiropractic care, and enjoys meeting our wonderful patients.

When she’s not working, Jill (a native Oregonian who recently returned to our area after living in the Bay area for several years) practices yoga, is a voracious reader, and loves to cook fabulous Italian meals.

Anneke Morey

Anneke is glad to be using her many years of massage experience to help our patients with massage therapy. She is excited about helping our patients heal through massage and natural health. (Please visit our Massage page for information on our special Massage Package.) 

Anneke has lived all over the world, and has recently relocated to Portland, having fallen in love with our city during a visit.  She speaks several languages, including Dutch, French, German and Spanish.  Her hobbies include interior decoration, swimming, hiking, and taking long nature walks.

Amy Hintze

Amy is the newest member of our staff. Amy provides expert massage therapy for our patients and assists in other therapies as well.   

Amy is another Oregon transplant, having moved here recently from California.  She enjoys reading, exploring her new city, and seeing movies with friends.

Gary Shannon

Gary is our Accounts Manager, and helps our patients with their insurance claims.  He has been on the ParkView team since 1985.

Gary is a lead tenor in the Portland Symphonic Choir and directs a barbershop chorus in his spare time!

Dr. Jyoti Smith

Dr. Smith is our Office Manager and is also a chiropractor. She and Dr. Graffeo have been married and practicing together for over 25 years.

Dr. Smith coordinates all the activities of our clinic, and works behind the scenes to make sure our patients get the best care possible.

In her spare time Dr. Smith can often be found at Sally Mack Dance Studio, where she is studying the art of tap dance.  She highly recommends dancing as a form of exercise.

Janet Shannon

Janet joined the ParkView team in 2001, but she has been a patient at the clinic for over 20 years.

Janet is Dr. Smith's assistant, helping with our clinic's administrative functions.   

She and Gary have been married since 1983, and enjoy working together to help our patients get well.  Their two children have been patients at ParkView since they were just a few weeks old.  Janet recommends that new parents bring their babies in for an infant checkup within the first three months of life.

When she has a little spare time, Janet likes to read, garden, and cook.  She also volunteers at her children’s schools, and loves to attend concerts and theatre performances.